Hello! I hope you like the new layout on my blog! I decided to give it a slight revamp in light of the new series of posts I’ve decided to start based on the theme of ‘Style’.

The areas of photography I love to focus on the most are people and fashion. I like the concept of putting together commercial shoots, as it takes me back to my theatre days when I was involved in productions throughout school and University. Whether performing myself or being behind the scenes, I enjoyed being a part of all aspects of the event.

And fashion photography is no different.

There are makeup artists, casting directors, photographers, stylists - the list goes on! And as a photographer, particularly when starting out, you need skills to bring all of these elements together, to realize the artistic idea in your mind.

In my case, however, a full-time job makes it difficult to have time to find willing models, let alone schedule in shoots. So, although I will continue to post my personal photography work, in my style series I will be the model, allowing me to work on other elements involved in a shoot: choosing the location, adding props, styling the outfits, directing poses and generally realizing a concept/theme.

Obviously, to love fashion photography, I have a passion for fashion myself! So, I will also write about what I was wearing and offer a small style tip on every post!

Here is a sneakpeak of my first style entry that I’ll be putting up tomorrow :)

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