Everyone knows that colour is one of the trickiest things to handle as a hair stylist. From chestnut, to strawberry blonde, the list goes on and on and it's not often you come out of the salon feeling that you got exactly what you were looking for.
I, myself, have always had issues finding a good hair colourist in the UAE, with a lot of the Middle Eastern stylists having a better grasp of darker hair tones. When looking for a new salon that could help colour and cut my hair for the festive season, I discovered a young and vibrant salon called Colour Masters, which, much to my surprise, specialised in blonde hair! There was no other option but to book myself in asap...

The Colour Masters salon, located in the Jewel Towers, Dubai Marina, is run by Khaled Kahel an artistic hair technician who spent eight years in London perfecting his skills. Both approachable and professional, he was one of the finest hair stylists that I've ever come across. I say this because not only did he take into consideration what I wanted as a client, but he offered a technical and artistic input that stylists don't always provide. 

The combination of face-shapes, skin tones, and colour shades is what top colourists are able to balance evenly to create the desired outcome. What's more, the key to the entire process is about finding something that will work day-in, day-out. Not all of us are priveleged enough to pop into the hair-dressers every week, so I really appreciated his honesty when he told me my dream celebrity hair cut just wasn't feasible! ;)

As a stylist, Khaled was fun and really relevant. He knew what was in and what was about to fade out of the trends. Professionally, he doesn't stick to particular brands of products - he works based on customer feedback. At present he is using the organic Brazilian hair collection, QOD - all the products smelt so natural and amazing!

I could go on about what a great experience I had, but I really just wanted to pass on this little discovery to any fellow blondies out there. If your locks need a good shake-up to bring in 2014, give Colour Masters a call, so Khaled can brighten up your day :)

For more information contact:
+971 4 434 3535


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