I have to be honest, I thought Milano would be a lot colder than it is. It seems that this winter we've been blessed with a pretty mild January/February - unlike when I was in Greece two years ago and everyone complained that it was the coldest winter in half a century!

Blue skies have come along quite often recently (don't want to say too much in case I jinx it hehe) and the city is just amazing. Milan comes alive, as most wintery cities do when the sun comes out to say hello. In particular, I love the Navigli area on a Sunday - two canals where you can find cafes spilled on to the streets, weekend markets, and family and friends munching on gelatos. 

Today, I'd like to share a couple of the places that I've discovered so far, in case you find yourself visiting Milan on a beautiful sunny day:

- Coffee - Peck - Situated near the Duomo, this is a relatively high-end café with the most delicious coffee ever. If you have it at the bar, it's not much more expensive than normal places and it also has a deli section very similar to what you find in Harrods!
- Aperitivo - Manhattan, Navigli - Aperitivo is what the Italian's call "Happy Hour" and consists purchasing a drink (cocktail, non-alcoholic, whatever) and you get a free buffet of mouthwatering delights. So far Manhattan on the Navigli has had one of the best spreads.
- Pizza - Spontini - This awesome pizzeria began on Via Gaspare Spontini back in 1953. It only serves one type of pizza, a thick deep-pan pizza, either single or double mozzarella. An Italian substitute to fish and chips? Yep, I think so! (Check out the last pic)
- Breakfast - California Bakery - Although not Italian per se, this bakery is said to be one of the best in Milan. Listed in the book "Where Chefs Eat," it's bound to be a great place to start your day.
- Mozzarella bar - Obika - A restaurant based solely around mozzarella. Seriously, could it get any better? What's more, one of the locations has a view of the Duomo - A-mazing!!!

And to finish off, here are a few snaps I took on the most glorious blue-skied afternoon...


  1. nice pics ! and what a whopper pizza!!!

  2. Oh I love Milan so much - it sounds so magical there! That pizza looks insanely delicious would love one of those right now!


    1. Thanks for the comment, Faye! I've actually been following your blog for a while now - love your photos :) are u living in Paris?

  3. Very Nice !
    Kisses my beautiful <3