It was the week that the flowers were in bloom when we found ourselves up against the challenge of our first ever location shoot. I couldn't wait! I've learned a lot in the studio, but location is and will always be my favourite. "So, where to go?" I thought... Well, spring was something I never got to experience in Dubai, so I headed straight for the wild blossoms.

To date this is one of my favourite shoots. Everything seemed to fit. I had the chance to work with a beautiful Italian model, who looked somewhat like a young Monica Belluci, so I just had to go down the route of my all-time favourite designers... none other than Mr. Dolce & Mr. Gabbana :) What a dream it would be to get to work on one of their shoots...! 

Limited with clothes, I kept my moodboard simple and romantic. I wanted soft materials/sweaters to be mixed with the wonderful flowers that surrounded us. Natural makeup and a relaxed atmosphere. 
There isn't much more to say for this shoot, I think the photos are self-explanatory! Really hope you like them ;) Part II of this shoot is coming up soon!

Model: Beatrice Luoni, Why Not
Stylist: Carmen Carone
MuA: Gergana Tihova


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