Ahhh, after a few days of technical issues, I am finally back online - this time to share with you the photos from my latest studio shoot :)

 The theme for my women's moda session was romance. I wanted subtle tones and varied patterns, all of which had a romantic twist. Being students, we don't get the chance to waltz into Prada and demand their latest collection (just yet..!), so it was about being extra creative - think borrowing bikes, using scarves as tops etc ;) All the tricks of the trade! And with the help of the stylist, Eloisa, we created some awesome looks.

Although I'm generally not a studio lover, working with a beautiful blue background and flattering soft-box gave the exact feel I was going for. The gorgeous model, Whitney, was great to work with as well, because thanks to her background in dance she understood her body. Of course, ultimately looking through the lens you know what works best, but a model who knows how to place herself makes things all the more fun and easy to work with.

I've got three more shoots coming up this week, as we are slowly coming to the end of the course *tear* - I can't believe how time has flown! So watch this space for more pictures to come!!

Model: Whitney Birch, Women Management
Styling: Eloisa Damico
MuA + Hair: Roberta Miglioretti, Anna Mauriello


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